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About the workshops

PuppetCinema Workshops – the theater language which created the performances ‘​Salt of the Earth (The Road to Ein Harod)’, ‘Gulliver’, ‘Suddenly’, ‘Matt’, and ‘Planet Egg’.

The workshop is about using live feed video. How the camera is used as a tool by the actor, how to simultaneously act for the camera and for a theater audience, and how to create cinematic scenes on stage while following the rules of the theater of live action.

Participants will learn the basics of film composition (angles, framing, lighting, exposure and focus). how to use them LIVE and how to get the best out the dual exposure of their presence on stage and screen.

This PuppetCinema workshop deals with the main principles of live puppetry and object theater augmented by live feed. We will examine how the camera expands the possibilities of puppet expression and animation, and stretch the role of the actor who operates the puppet and camera, both on stage and captured on video.

Participants will learn how to design and operate puppets made from simple materials.

This workshop deals with the process of forming stage adaptations from literary sources.  Working with texts by the short story writer Etgar Keret, we investigate our visual needs in conjunction with our text based requirements.  What needs to happen on stage and what needs to happen on screen? How do we decide what to show? This workshop helps participants combine multiple theatrical elements into one cohesive unit.

The workshops are taught by Zvi Sahar and by members of the Itim Ensemble and PuppetCinema performers and artisits. 

Zvi Sahar is an actor, director and puppeteer and a teacher. He is a graduate of Yoram Loewenstein’s Performing Arts Studio and holds a BA in theater from the University of Haifa’s Department of Theater. Awarded scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship and the Jim Henson Foundation, he was a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Theater at the University of Maryland in the United States.


Duration of workshops are fully flexible and tailored to suit a multiplicity of audience types, in age, skill and interest. Shops were led in the Tel Aviv Musuem of art, universities, schools and theater festivals around the world. 

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