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The Big Bang

Truly great stories start small.
An extraordinary new production.
A journey, two frinds making their way back home
A digital interactive experience for the whole family >

STEP-scenes from the history of humankind


Itim Ensemble presents a new theatrical production inspired by Yuval Noah Harari’s bestselling book ‘Sapiens’.

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Entertainment for all ages

An Epic Space Odyssey in miniature!  Part toy theater, part B movie sci-fi adventure, Planet Egg joins obsolete electronics together with high-performance salad fixings and brings it all to life through its unique mix of lo-tech moviemaking and old fashioned puppetry. 

A story told with visual language, Planet Egg is the perfect show for international audiences of all ages!  Hope you’re hungry…

“Inventive, nutty and wonder-inspiring…”  (Washington Post, Editors’ pick)

“Planet Egg is one of the most ingenious shows…  you will be absolutely delighted!” (DC Metro Theatre Arts)

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